Effectiveness of Telemedicine

The advancement of technology bore many fruits for the society and one of them is ‘telemedicine’. It is the beneficial amalgamation of telecommunication and technology with health care since 1960’s. Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care from distance. The projects have tested the feasibility of using the array of technologies, from fax, radio, and telephone through the transmission of still images and real-time imaging to bring clinics and the patients closer by providing clinical services at their doorstep! What better than getting all the treatment wherever you are and whenever needed without taking the pain of waiting and driving to the hospital or clinic?

The virtual home health care is used in medical fields such as dermatology, behavioral health, and cardiology, etc, as a way to provide better care and to reduce the cost of treating various health problems. It is a step towards reducing all the barriers and hindrances in healthcare accesses, and providing healthcare facilities even in remote areas. It has led the doctor-patient relation to a new height and increased accessibility for one and all. The growing popularity of the telemedicine industry is but a testimony to its effectiveness. Over 3 million people have benefited from the remote services of telemedicine. Not only has it benefited many, it is also safe and completely reliable as over 10,000 studies have been accepted by the ‘National Library of Medicine’ supporting the clinical effectiveness and safety of telemedicine. It is emerging rapidly and walking towards an upward graph.

It works with an aim of providing valuable healthcare facilities to the most remote patients around the globe. The virtual diagnosis and treatment have made taking care of oneself easier and faster. It is a cost-effective and time-saving efficient method to provide the appropriate remedy even in the cases of emergencies. The elderly patients, the ones who live alone, those who can’t travel or cannot afford to reach the specialists among the other needy patients have largely been the benefactors of the life changing idea! Distance is no more an impediment for anyone in need of emergency care and regular follow-ups and check-ups. It has helped in improving the lives of many and has the capability of improving many others’ as well!

Though a positive step, but it is handicapped by some challenges that hinder its growth and development. The major obstacle being the unawareness, lack of technical know-how and information has led to unawareness which has kept them untouched from the benefits and indifferent to the progressive technology. The future of health care, telemedicine has an infinite potential of reviving the whole healthcare industry and creating a revolution in the sector. The limited number and infrastructure are other major reasons behind its restrained popularity. Given appropriate acceleration and support, this would change the face of healthcare. The restrictions to the access of health care have been broken by the telemedicine concept and would help to create a healthy society as it promotes health and wellness all over the world!

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