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 11 reviews
 by Bitupan
Addiction to reading emails.
Doctor/Hospital: Mukul rastogi

Valuable advice given to me at startup.

 by Bruce Burger
Would not recommend Dr Winston George
Doctor/Hospital: Dr Winston George

Dr Winston George did 3 implants. One fell out immediately within a couple of weeks. Another was so loose that he was unable to take a mold for the crown and after two years of waiting for it to firm up...I had it removed recently and installed a larger crown in its place. I paid for 3 “immediate” implants the kind that are completed in a few days. I only got 1 that worked.No refund was given for the extra Rs charged for the immediate implants that after two years are still not completed. I recently approached Dr George to reemburse me for the 20000Rs I paid to redo a failed implant....He only yelled..very unsatisfactory situation.

The implants failed because of his poor judgment...we had a Maxillary MRI and he could see that there was not enough bone density for immediate implants. Yet, I guess because of the premium price went ahead and did the procedure instead of recommending the cheaper option in which there is 6 months or more between the implant and the installation of the crown.

The implant that fell out, was damaged by his heavy handedness, when he attempted to install the crown. He repeatedly put the crown on and took it off, as he was not happy with the fit. After a few try’s the implant was loosened and fell out not long afterward.

I was also not happy with his judgment. He had me do 2 or 3 highly radioactive maxillary MRI X-rays. One of which was never used.

After three hours in the chair in his office doing three stressful implants, he had my taxi take me for this unnecessary MRI and then drive over 2 more hours to take the mold for the crown.Most dentists take the mold in their office and send it by courier... I do not recommend Dr George.

 by Shaikh Mb
Had Anxiety for uncertain disease
Doctor/Hospital: Gangga

I had health anxiety disorder and wasnt able to sleep for few days despite of having perfect blood report but Dr. Ram cleared all doubts and made things cleared in amicable manner.

I highly recommend for those who are looking to share their medical problem and wants to be dealt in swift manner.

 by Srinivas

Very good. I am loving it

 by Anita
Doctor/Hospital: Dr. Bhusan Patil

Wonderful doctor - very thorough and careful to explain everything.

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