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Alarming air pollution

In this world we humans have some basic amenities such as food, water and shelter. In addition to these we need some comforts to ease our lives such as vehicles, air conditioners, refrigerators and the most important aerosol deodorants (because we need to smell good). We have industries manufacturing these daily pleasures of ours and its emission and effluents adding worsening the situation. As an old saying “Excess of everything is bad” and we humans are always indulged in overdoing things so a situation arises called ‘pollution’.

Pollution is a heterogeneous complex mixture of gases, liquids and particulate matter (PM) that comes out of man-made or natural sources. The greenhouse gases such CO, CFCs, SO2, CH4 causing global warming, thus indirectly affecting us. Pollutants like CO, SO2, N20 cause different health hazards which have a short term or long term effect on our health. Prolonged exposure to these pollutants cause grievous such as lungs cancer, emphysema, cardiovascular diseases. There are similar water pollutants such as heavy metals (Hg, Ag), organic and inorganic materials. Due to the direct dumping of such pollutants into the water bodies without treatment causes deposition of such in the water bodies. Intake of water from such sources can cause Metal poisoning such as ‘Mercury poisoning’ and multiple organ failure. Artificial light and noise often drawn out of landscapes. In Artic sound of oil and gas exploration are so loud that the Belugas and whales have difficulty in feeding and breeding. Light pollution disrupts the circadian rhythms in humans and animals leading to cancers and losing of routes in seas and oceans by the creature.

There is nothing to be surprised of that the number of casualties due to various ailments arising out of the pollution is going on increasing. As nowadays we have heard about capital becoming the most polluted city of India followed but our other major metropolitan cities. There is need of surveillance and strict adherence to rules that governs the pollution control. Measures such as treatment of the emission and the effluent of the factories before release or dump into air or water respectively. Setting up industries on the outskirts of the cities. Vehicle pooling and more use of public transport is a major step toward decreasing the air pollution.

As we humans need fresh air to breath and water to survive, we need this very environment of ours for our very survival. A human can survive for 3 days without water but only mere 3 minutes without air. So don’t let our future go up in smoke. “Stopping pollution is the best solution

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