Medical Question & AnswersCategory: Food and dietWhat to do when a Chest X-Ray report says "Bronchovascular markings"
Nishant Kumar asked 8 years ago

My sister was feeling restlessness since last few weeks. Her breathing rate was getting above normal/ high in a normal walk. Moreover, the problem was alarming when she felt the same after getting up early in the morning. Hence, we had taken her for respiratory checkup. In the X-Ray report, it was mentioned that :

“B/L Lung fields reveal prominent bronchovascular marking ”
Now, I am looking out for help and guidance regarding further steps that can be taken for its cure.

1 Answers
freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 8 years ago

Prominent bronchovascular marking may be a symptom of heart problem or lung infection or inflammation. The dilation might be because of fluid accumulation. You need to visit a cardiologist to rule out the heart trouble, and thereafter visit a pulmonologist to further investigate the lung to find the reason. This problem is much common in asthmatic patients during seasonal changes and increased atmospheric pollution, particularly during these months. 

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