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14 Great Health benefits of Olive oil

Just Call it Liquid Gold: Olive Oil has been linked to a host of different health benefits, thanks in part to its high antioxidant content. Here’s a taste of what regular Olive Oil consumption (experts recommend 2 – 3 table spoon daily) can do for you.

Here are the Great Health benefits of Olive oil  :-

  1. Cuts Cancer Risk –

Women who ate a Mediterranean diet plus 4 table spoons of olive oil everyday had a 62% lower risk of developing breast cancer after 6 years compared to women on a low – fat diet.


  1. Fights Wrinkles –

Those who ate more than 2 teaspoons of olive oil daily had significantly fewer signs of skin aging than those who only ate a teaspoon or less.


  1. Lowers Blood Pressure –

Several studies show a diet rich in olive oil reduces blood pressure in healthy adults and can even reduce patients’ reliance on blood pressure meds.


  1. Speeds Weight Loss –

People who ate Yogurt drizzled with olive oil consumed fewer calories throughout the day and had higher levels of fullness hormones than people who ate yogurt with lard, butter, or canola oil instead.


  1. Slashes Diabetes –

Consuming at least one tablespoon of olive oil daily lowered type 2 diabetes risk by 10% in one large study.


  1. Protects Bones –

Research suggests regular consumption of olive oil can prevent loss of bone mess.


  1. Heart Health –

Olive Oil helps slow down heart aging process, antioxidants may offer protection against red blood cells damage.



  1. Keeps Bone Healthy –

Olive Oil helps prevent the loss of calcium related to developing osteoporosis during later years.


  1. Relieving Earache –

Olive Oil is known as being a natural remedy for earache and for dealing with excess ear wax.


  1. Depression –

People who follow a Mediterranean style diet that is rich in olive oil may be at a lower risk of depression.


  1. Damaged Hair –

Olive Oil has the ability to moisturize hair that has become frizzy or dry.


  1. Colon Cancer –

Research by Spanish Scientists has shown including olive oil in the diet lowers the risk of this cancer.


  1. Skin Cancer –

It is used in skin care products as it is full of antioxidants and Vitamins A and E.


  1. Digestion –

Olive Oil helps to give a feeling of fullness, and the contents of the stomach are digested more slowly.



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Hair loss/ Baldness

A major population of current youth is suffering from the problem of hair loss and baldness. Frequent runs to several clinics seldom provide the relief. Quiet ignorant about its cause, the sufferer looses hair as well as the money.

hair loss problems

                                                                       hair loss problem

Most common type of hair loss is the pattern baldness or andro-genetic alopecia. Andro- connotes to hormone and genetic signifies the inheritance. Collectively, the term says that the person has a genetic makeup for baldness which gets its physical manifestation due to hormones.

Like most of the other characters, baldness too have a particular gene which one inherits from their parents. Just the presence of gene is not sufficient for the physical appearance of the character. Next comes into play, the hormone, particularly testosterone. The more active form of this hormone is dihydro testosterone. When this hormone reaches the roots of hair follicle of the person with gene for baldness, the former gets destroyed. This results in hair loss and baldness. As the hormone testosterone is present in males in higher concentration, cases of andro-genetic alopecia is primarily a problem of males. However, some amount of testosterone is also produced by adrenal gland in females. Those female patients with gene for baldness and higher concentration of testosterone in their blood may also develop baldness.

hair loss solution

                       hair loss solution

Now the remedy……! If we could just destroy the dihydro testosterone hormone reaching the hair follicles and and damaging them, hair loss could be controlled. There exists a drug named Minoxidil, which can destroy the dihydro testosterone. Of course, if ingested, this could destroy the hormone in our blood stream, but this could result in other side effects like loss of libido and hormonal imbalance. So the better way suggested is direct external application of minoxidil on the scalp. The chemical gets absorbed and destroys the hormone reaching the hair follicles. Thus any further damage is prevented. Moreover, there exists no side effect for this external application. Earlier the intervention, lesser will be the extent of damage. However, the follicles which has already been destroyed before the intervention could hardly be recovered. The loss will be prevented so long as the application of the medicine is continued. If the person, discontinues the medicine, the hormone will again start damaging the follicle resulting in hair loss.

Before falling prey to the broad claims regarding hair regrowth, one should definitely try to understand the science behind and then try the course or spend money.

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