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Dr. Sidharth Mehan

Dr. Sidharth Mehan

Dr. Sidharth Mehan, is a Dietitian/Nutritionist in Sirsa , Haryana . He is completed Ph.D, M.Pharm, CFN, CNCC is an Associate Professor of Pharmacology at Rajendra Institute of Technology & Sciences, Sirsa, Haryana. He is a member/in-charge of various national/international Pharmaceutical and Clinical Therapeutic Committees. Editor/Reviewer of various national and international journals and magazines. dr-sidharth-mehan-Dietitian/Nutritionist in Sirsa He is young Pharmacologist, published various research, review and conference papers extensively and lectured worldwide. He did major contributions to obtain a challenging and responsible position in the field of Pharmaceutical Education/Research that fosters creativity and innovation through confidence, flexibility and freedom to work for achieving the organizational goals coupled with enhancing knowledge and professional skills and to explore the novel therapeutic strategies and phytochemicals in the development and drug discovery in the field of molecular pharmacology.