Why you should have Paprika?

Paprika is a red spice made from dried bell peppers that have been ground into tiny particles. While many people typically think of the Hungarian — there are many European countries that use the seasoning regularly to both color and flavor foods. It is added to soups and stews, sprinkled over the tops of meats, or forms part of many grilling rubs or seasonings. It is also a common ingredient in sausages, especially those produced in Spain, Portugal, and Germany.

With its often mild flavour and light aroma, this is not usually spicy like the seasonings made from chilli peppers. This makes sense, since the red bell pepper is a rather sweet and mellow fruit. This spice can add a little heat to a dish, however, especially when certain varieties are used. Yellow to light tan seasonings are often the spiciest, while the red is usually fairly mild.


Lowers Blood Pressure High Dietary Fiber helps manage Cholesterol

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The Culinary Uses of Paprika

One of the reasons that paprika’s flavor can vary is because technically, any member of the ‘Capsicum annuum’ (pepper family) can be dried and ground into paprika (especially red peppers). Cayenne pepper is usually the name for spicy ground ‘Capsicum annuum’ while Paprika is the name for the other flavors. However, there are also official pepper plants that are most often used for paprika including: amla paprika, Hungarian Paprika, Dulce Rojo, Fehor Ozon, and Paprika supreme.

It is an important spice when used alone in recipes and it has also become one of the most consumed spice products in the world because of its’ importance in spice blends, including rubs, marinades, and seasoned salts. It is also popular because of the bright red coloring it can produce in foods and other products.

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