Warning signs of Vitamin D deficiency

About half of the India Population is deficient in Vitamin D. Proper Vitamin D3 levels can reduce cancer risks up to 80%. Vitamin D3 levels are easily monitored by a simple blood test. Taking 5,000 I.U. a day is a safe amount for continued good health, as suggested by medical experts.

  1. Aching Bones –

If you suffering from aches and pains, you may be deficient in Vitamin D. Calcium is not easily absorbed in the body without proper levels of Vitamin D, causing painful aches and uncomfortable throbbing throughout the skeletal system. This essential vitamin also helps to avoid tooth decay.


  1. Muscle Weakness –

Harvard researchers have found that those with low D levels experience muscle weakness, especially those over 60. The Western Journal of Medicine reports that D – related muscle weakness can be remedied by taking the supplement for just six months.


  1. Depression –

Studies have shown that people with low D levels, are more commonly affected by depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The hormone, serotonin, drops when adequate amounts of Vitamin D are not present in the body. This also accounts some women experiencing Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).


  1. Head Sweats –

One of the classic symptoms of low Vitamin D is to have head sweats. This has been a cue for low D levels for years. In fact, pediatricians use this symptom to help determine if newborn babies are low in Vitamin D.


  1. Chronic Health Problems –

If you’re always getting sick and are affected by seasonal allergies, you may have low D levels. Research has shown that healthy Vitamin D levels play a huge role in fighting diseases and cancer.


  1. Constantly Tired –

If you’re chronically exhausted, but aren’t sure why, it may be that you need to up your intake of Vitamin D. Researchers suspect that chronic fatigue syndrome is related to deficient levels of D. some studies have shown that when adequate level of D are taken, exhaustion often subsides.


  1. Dark Skin –

People who are dark skinned commonly have low Vitamin D because their skin acts as a natural sunscreen which blocks the body’s ability to absorb it from the sun. In order to get enough D, it’s very important to take this vitamin in supplement from every day to protect your health.

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