Vitamin D supplement during pregnancy

If you are going to become a mother, this might concern you as a study has recently suggested that, intake of vitamin D supplements during first trimester of pregnancy may prevent autism traits in the newborns.

Autism spectrum disorder which is most commonly known as autism, occurs when the brain is unable to develop for life ,easily involving deep rooted formative incapacities including trouble or failure to speak with others and collaborate socially.

The researchers in University of Queensland in Australia have found out that Vitamin D plays a significant role in brain development and they have evidence for the same through their study.

The lead scientist Darryl Eyles has said that their review utilized the most generally acknowledged developmental model of autism in which influenced mice acted anomalous and indicated deficiencies in social communication, essential learning and stereotyped practices.

They found that pregnant females treated with dynamic vitamin D in what might as well be called the primary trimester of pregnancy, produced babies that did not build up these shortfalls.

Where can you get Vitamin D primarily from? Sun. As you know, it is the main source of Vitamin D, as skin cells manufacture Vitamin D in response to UV rays. Also, there are some foods which offer plenty of Vitamin D and so a healthy diet rich in the vitamin is all you need.

The study conducted has found out that Vitamin D is important for maintaining healthy bones. But the active hormonal form of vitamin D cannot be given to pregnant women because it may affect the skeleton of the developing foetus.

Lately the researchers on this study received resourceful funding which will now permit them to decide how much cholecalciferol – the supplement of Vitamin D that is good for pregnant ladies – is required to accomplish similar levels of dynamic hormonal vitamin D in the circulation system.

Meanwhile, if you are pregnant, you should consult your doctor to find out the ideal dose and timing of vitamin D supplementation you need to take. This will prove worthy for the health of your newborn and will lower the risk of him or her developing autism, very significantly.

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