Understanding health- Know the importance of Health

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. It is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health has three dimensions- Mental; Physical: and social. It is a condition that allows us to adjust well to our environment and derive maximum benefit from it and use that benefit for his/her psychological well being. Positive health refers to the perfect functioning of body and mind. It conceptualizes health biologically as a state, a situation, and circumstances. In which every cell and every organ is functioning in optimal capacity.and in harmony with the rest of the body.

Psychologically, it is a state in which, the individual feels a sense of perfect well being and a mastery of his environment.

“Social health is a state in which individual’s capacity for participation in a social system is optimal”.Understanding Health, health is wealth

The concept of Positive Health

This concept of positive health is a mirage as a man will never be able to adapt so perfectly with his environment.

The environment around us changes and to adapt to the changes, one needs new coping skills. To develop those coping skills, one needs time. Therefore, every change in the environment would definitely result in a period of struggle, before it is finally overcome. Hence, to remain in a state of positive health or for that matter, to achieve it, is a near impossibility.

A person who is able to express his genetic heritage completely can be regarded as a positively healthy individual. However, this goal is not easy because it requires that the individual has a relationship with the environment which is very healthy and also that he has the awareness to detect and know his potential so that he can transform his genetic potential into phenotypic reality.

To conclude, a healthy person is one who has an optimistic mindset. He is aware of his potentialities. He should not have an absolutistic thinking. They behave in a proactive manner rather than reactive way. They are able to use humor to deal with stressors. The balanced view of life is necessary, and a healthy person should be ready to change if circumstances demand. They are open to feedback from the environment so that, they can formulate their strategy to deal with it effectively. A healthy person has positive self-concept and confidence in their

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