Does tooth infection cause heart disease?

“It’s better to have it treated when it’s treatable than to wait until it gets out of hand and is possibly life-threatening,” said Dr. Gary R. Hartwell, the president of the American Association of Endodontists.I think what Dr. Hartwell wanted to state is that if any infection left untreated, in future it may cause a toll on your overall health. As it has been seen that one or more focal infection in our body can lead or promote to various chronic degenerative diseases.

Researchers have found that gum disease have a strong association with heart diseases as the gum diseases increases the risk of heart attack by as much as 25 percent, and the risk of stroke by a factor of 10.You may find it strange that how can my tooth ache can lead to my heart ache?But it’s like an alarming statement which should not be neglected.  Plaque-a thick colourless adhesive layer formed on teeth is the reservoir of gram negative bacteria. And this microbial plaque causes dental caries and periodontal diseases.Studies have shown that both dental caries and periodontal diseases initiates the inflammatory process which act as a risk factor for cardiac diseases.

Is infection only in my teeth or my heart is also getting affected?

The subgingival biofilm is constitute of enormous bacterial load and initiates inflammatory reactions which stresses immunity. American Heart Institution states that too much inflammatory actions weakens the heart,causes plaque formation of arteries. Due to this the risk of stroke will be elevated. In a study by S.Al Mubarak periodontitis causes the atheroma progression by stimulating liver to produce C -reactive proteins (a marker of inflammation process).It is a hyperinflammatory monocytic activity which increases the risk of cardiac diseases.

Other oral infection which aggravates the cardiac mortality is periapical abscess.

It is a root tip infection usually happen when deep caries left untreated.The most common choice of treatment for periapical abscess is root canal treatment.But in reality, root canal treatments never completely sterilizes the pulp tissue, as there is always some remnants of bacteria present in dentinal tubules,accessory canals and pulp tissues. Now these bacteria travel in blood  and causes transient bacteremia.Patients with the risk of endocarditis may have this bacterial lodge in the compromised tissue, promoting significant infection deep in heart that can result in massive heart damage.

What is going around the world

The New York Times published a data  extracted from the Journal of Endodontics on the morbidity rate of dental emergencies with major focus on periapical abscess  and results are upsetting.A study from Finland states that the poor oral hygiene can hurt your heart. In a study, researchers have found that patients who underwent root canal treatment are more likely to have acute coronary syndrome.

Last note from us!

You cannot afford to keep your gum diseases left untreated as it is a serious health issue which should be manage quickly and effectively.And to keep your heart healthy one should keep his/her teeth healthy.

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