Tips to deal with alarming air pollution in Delhi

A breath of poison is crippling our senses. Burning eyes, choking throat and buzzling silencers of the never-ending traffic; Cars are more precious than life and the enigma of economic progress is ultimately threatening the survival of the most developed creature of the globe. Alas! We all are sleeping over this evident daemon of air-pollution, giving it a deaf year and shrilling our responsibilities. Come on! Wake up to stop this haze before it stops you.


How to deal with high pollution level?


  1. Use masks N95/N99


Masks After use in delhi -Toxic Air

A surgical N 95 mask is approved by FDA to be used against air-pollution. This is known to protect against major pollutants and suspended particulate matter. Use the mask whenever you go out, and preferably indoor too. Even putting a handkerchief on nose is known to cut around 25% of air pollutants.


  1. Open doors and windows only when bright sunlight

Bright sunlight means that most of the harmful dust and pollutants have already settled down. You should open your doors and windows during that time only to ensure proper air exchange. Opening the windows during haze means flooding your indoor with pollutants and dust. So, better, avoid it.


  1. Avoid morning walks and exercises

Air pollutants and particles are at their highest concentration during morning and evening hours due to the phenomenon of thermal inversion and smog formation. Doing morning and evening walk and strenuous exercises means promoting the influx of pollutants in your system, thus deteriorating the health further. You should avoid them till the phase of haze passes away.


  1. Avoid being outdoor for longer durations

Being outdoor, means more exposure to the pollutants and their intake. Move out only for urgent and necessary reasons. Recreational outings should be postponed for the time being.


  1. Use air purifiers

HEPA based air purifiers are known to absorb pollutants and give good air quality. They should be used whenever you are indoor.


  1. Use of Inhalers and nebulisers


Inhalers, steam and nebulization expand the air passage thus relieving the suffocation common during high air pollution. Use them if you are feeling suffocated.

7.   Citrus fruits and Jaggery

Increase the quantity of citrus fruits, juice and jaggery in your diet. They improve your immunity and help to keep the respiratory passage clean and clear, thus helping to fight pollution.

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