The Kiss of Death

There are lot of unawareness among the masses regarding the transmission of HIV infection through kissing. Freedoctorhelpline number is flooded with queries like, ‘I kissed someone who might have HIV infection. Should I get my HIV status checked?’

Its is important to know that HIV transmission occurs by the following medium only-

-By infected blood, semen or cervical or vaginal secretion coming into contact with mucus     membrane or open wound. (Mucus membrane is found in the lining of eyes, mouth, nose rectum, urethra and vagina)

Injection of infected blood or blood products (Infected needles)

-Transmission from infected mother to baby in womb or via breast feeding.


The transmission does not occur via other body fluids like saliva or tears or sweat. No formal contact like handshake, sharing clothes or utensils or other social activities can facilitate the transmission of the virus.

The HIV virus is found in very small amount in the saliva, but the concentration is not high enough for transmission. Therefore, the chances are quiet rare that virus is transmitted though open mouth kissing (French kiss). If rare cases of transmission through kissing have been found, this is due to open sores/wounds in the mouth through which blood comes in contact with the mucus in mouth, rather than saliva.


Hate HIV,

Don’t hate the victim!

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