Stem cell therapy

Did you know that there are a number of critical and life-dangering illnesses that do not claim to have any easy treatment or for that matter, any sort of treatment at all. For so many of these diseases, the stem cell therapy could provide useful answers that many are seeking today. The sad part is, stem cell therapy is laden with controversies even as of yet, and is unaffordable at many places even today. In wealthy developed countries, the therapy costs money so superfluously, it is beyond the capacity of multitudes to afford it. Regardlessly, a lesser expensive and easily affordable alternative is available in India. Stem cell treatment in India doesn’t cause a bomb, like in the developed countries and hence, it provides more and more people with  opportunities to lead a better life.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are those cells that are not particularly engaged with any one body function and they have the ability to divide and multiply and subsequently increase in numbers even after remaining inactive for a long period of time.

They can be made to change into cells for various tissues and organs and this makes them perfectly suitable for treating a number of diseases. In this way, they can heal different injured human body parts. That is why these are mmore commonly reffered to as the holy grail of medicine. Scientists have researched about two types of stem cells : embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.

  • Embryonic stem cells are those that are taken from unused embryos, which were created by in vitro fertilization. These embryos are most commonly donated for the purpose of research, after the proper consult of doctors.
  • Adult stem cells are called somatic stem cells. These are derived from mature tissues and not embryos.

Once stem cells have been derived from their source, these are then developed in labs so that they can be utilized for treatment when needed. In stem cells treatment, stem cells are introduced into the patient’s body. Then by their intrinsic nature,  they divide, multiply and heal the injured tissues and organs.

Stem Cells – India

India is one of the well known destinations, in relation to stem cell treatments. As per Forbes India, the government of India, perceiving the significance of stem cells in drug, dispensed more than $66 million for doing research in stem cells in India. The exploration was designed for understanding these cells more intimately, and directing clinical trials to test a treatment’s viability.

The stem cell treatment in India is offered at a value a considerable measure lower than the costs in developed nations. Other than the lower expenses, India offers a few treatments that may not be accessible in other places.

Illnesses that Stem Cell Therapy Can Treat

There are numerous illnesses that could be treated by stem cells – sicknesses which were already thought to be hopeless, prompting terminal ailments that at last outcome in death. A typical case would be leukemia. As per the University of Utah’s Genetic Science Learning Center, specialists settle on bone marrow transplants at whatever point chemotherapy alone can’t kill all the irregular leukocytes in a patient afflicted with leukemia.

Beside cancer and leukemia, stem cell treatment in India likewise addresses different sicknesses, for example, multiple sclerosis and a few other degenerative disorders of the cerebrum.

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