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Hello, I\’m 21 years old. My last period was on December 30th 2017- Jan 5th 2018. I had sex on 7 jan 2018 at night (I used condom properly, not tear or any break, but there was some liquid on his) and took the emergency pill[Levonelle] next morning after(8jan). Then on 12 Jan, I had some breeding which I\’m not sure whether it was just bleeding or unusual period, from 12th- 16th Jan 2018.  On 26th Jan, I had sex and took emergency pill 2 hours after. I would like to know, is that possible to take the pill for twice times in the same month and is it still efficiency? My average period cycle is normally 28 days [it usually between 26-32 days] and duration last long for 6-7 days, which will that effect on my normal period cycle and can I still look up for my safe day? Lastly, Could you please suggest another method of contraception that will be suitable for me apart from rely on emergency pill all the time? Thank you in advance for your suggestion

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

Yes, the pill would be effective even if taken for the second time in the same month. These pills are very high dose of hormonal pills which will make your cycle irregular. This makes it hard to find the safe days in your next few cycles. Condom, Intra uterine devices or regular contraceptives are definitely better options one emergency contraceptives.

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