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Saif asked 7 years ago

Vasocontriction in blood vessels causes my eyelashes to fall in my eyes at cold times, What medication should I take?

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Try the following line of treatment: 
1. Careful mascara choice
The first way to keep eyelashes from falling out is to carefully select the mascara brand you are using. There has been cases of some brands causing this problem. Covergirl bombshell volume was once mentioned to be an eyelash loss reasons.
2. Treat any infections
In case of a chronic or severe eye infection, ensure you get treated or take go for the right antibiotics. Treating any skin problem around your eyes will ensure you do not rub them as this might not only affect eyelashes grow back or regrowth but also affect your eyes too.
3. Increase protein and fatty acids in your diet
Ensure you have enough protein and fatty acids in your diet as lack of these two affects hair growth including the one of your lashes. “Try eating more protein-rich food and foods containing essential fatty acids like nuts, soybeans, and cold-water fish such as tuna or salmon” [].
4. Stop using mascara
If your case is severe, you can stop using mascara until you get well. Furthermore, when applying mascara, do not do it aggressively. Alternatively, use lash conditioning mascara brands such as Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die for Mascara
5. Avoid old makeup
Avoid using old makeup as these products tends to host bacteria once they stay for long. Even if there is still a lot remaining, throw them away after 3 months or as instructed by manufacturer. You also need to handle them carefully to avoid contamination.
6. Remove makeup before you go to bed
Ensure you always remove your eye makeup before you go to bed because it “prevents the follicle from breathing and can eventually stop hair growth altogether overtime.” []. It is also advisable you wash your face before going to bed.
When removing your makeup, ensure you do not tug, rub or pull your eyelashes. You can stop wearing waterproof mascaras as they are harder to remove as mentioned earlier.
7. Stop using fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions
False eyelashes and extension could be a cause of eyelash loss. “Stop using false eyelashes or lash extensions, or if you do, use a dab of oil on a cotton bud to loosen the adhesive before removal.” [].
8. Use eyelash enhancers and eyelash growth products
Using some of the over the counter tropical products and lash serums such as LatisseRapidLash, RevitaLash or Talika Lipocils Lash Conditioning Gel might also help your lashes to grow back. These products will improve your lashes but they need to be used religiously and they might take time.
9. Go for Surgical eyelash grafts
If your eyelashes are pathetic and you have tried all other ways without seeing any good results, you can opt for surgical eyelash grafts as well eyelash transplant procedures.
10. Good choice of eyelash curler
Aggressive use of a bad eyelash curler could also be what makes eyelashes fall out. It needs to have rubber tabs  that is why a “strip was created to preserve your lashes…. a bare curler can chop your lashes at the base” [].
11. Try hot eye compresses
Try hot eye compresses to help encourage regrowth of eyelashes. You can do this for about 5 minutes twice daily.

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