Furyrose asked 7 years ago

Hello Doctors,
I have suffered from yeast in my intimate area few years ago, but it didn’t fully disappear after treatment.The problem is that it gets worse everytime I have to take antibiotics despite the fact that I clean this area with water and soap everyday and I only wear cotton undrwears (I apply antifungal cream to relief the swelling).I’m 28 years old and getting married soon. What’s my condition? is it severe? will it affect my marriage? Please help me.
Thank you.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Yeast infection is very common type of Vaginal infection with which most of the ladies suffer several times during their life time. So, first thing first, its nothing much serious that you should be worried. Of course, if it is there, it is going to adversely affect your married life. So, the solution is better management. It is the healthy vaginal bacteria which keeps the yeast out. So, whenever you take antibiotics, those vaginal bacteria which guard against the yeast gets flushed out, thereby creating a good scope for fungal development. So, try to avoid antibiotic use, as they are bound to promote yeast infection. Secondly, food with high sugar content and the fermented food products like white bread, beer etc promote the growth of fungus. Try to maintain a low blood sugar level. Avoid road, rather use some Intimate wash ( Like V-Wash) to clean your intimate area. 

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