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Alexandra asked 7 years ago

I keep getting heart palpitations. I\\\’m 23, female, no known heart problem. I do suffer from anxiety and have been to the ER before several times because of chest pains etc. and I\\\’ve had ECGs done where everything seemed fine. Last one was about 7 months ago. But for the past few months I\\\’ve been getting these palpitations quite frequently, and at random times. I don\\\’t drink caffeine at all and I don\\\’t smoke. They seem to appear more if I\\\’m laughing or crying or excited in some way, but not exclusively. They scare me so much I\\\’m now avoiding laughing too much, avoiding alcohol, avoiding exercise etc. The only medicine I take is birth control pills.I don\\\’t have health insurance and I\\\’m really poor lol, can\\\’t go to a doctor unless there is really a serious cause for concern.  

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