Medical Question & AnswersCategory: QuestionsSudden, extremely frequent, full-volume urination with no other symptoms
Yichuan Qiu asked 6 years ago

Starting just an hour ago I’ve needed to pee almost every two minutes. The amount urinated is reasonable large each time and I’ve experienced no pain or soreness.
I still feel like I need to pee, almost immediately after doing so. Is this a UTI? I feel it’s unlikely, as no other symptoms other than “frequent urination” are there.
This is extremely annoying (and worrying – I’m afraid I’m dehydrating myself and am drinking more water than usual, which might be making the problem worse). Thanks in advance for any help!

1 Answers
freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

Keep on hydrated through ample liquid intake. If the trend continues, get a Urine test to rule out UTI and also a blood test for blood glucose level.

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