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Jake asked 6 years ago

Hello. I’ve been experiencing a number of symptoms that I believe are related to anxiety and stress, but I fear could be related to something else. I have been under a lot of stress recently and my entire body basically just feels twitchy. I first noticed my fingers would tremble a little bit, and that my teeth would chatter. Especially in the cold. I feel way more sensitive to the cold when I don’t have layers on, and anytime I get really cold it makes all the symptoms worse. I feel jolty and twitchy throughout the body, but mostly in my neck, eyelids, teeth, and fingers. Even my tongue twitches sometimes. I find myself constantly grinding my teeth which I feel relieves and makes symptoms worse at the same time. Whenever i close my eyes, my eyelids twitch rapidly. The eyelid twitching hasn’t affected sleeping though, when I go to sleep i have no problems keeping them closed. I have also weird sensations in my head, which almost feels its going to my eyes. Its like a constant slight headache. My vision has been weird, as if im having a hard time focusing on one thing. Especially when looking at screens, or while driving. I feel like my eyes are all over the place and that they can’t just focus on the fun image in front of me. I also feel my vision has been a little blurry. I have a hard time thinking about things, and it feels like its just taking longer to remember things I usually could. My mind feels clouded, and I just don’t feel as quick as I used to. I’ve had mood swings where I go from saying I’m fine, to two minutes later feeling im doomed. And lastly, my hands feel like they aren’t moving as naturally. It seems more difficult to move them the way i want at times, and it seems that its taking more effort for me to type or do things that involve a lot of finger movement. Now, I have noticed that all of these symptoms worsened dramatically the second that I started to worry about them. I’ve been very stressed out for the last few months, but this only started to really bother me last Friday (10 days ago) when I started to stress about what it could be. I was constantly looking things up online all day, and it seems since that first day, it has quite literally consumed my mind. I feel like not a minute goes by where I’m not worried about. And in the instances where I’m preoccupied with something else, I seemingly forget anything is even bothering me. I went skiing three days in a row and felt great the whole time i was skiing. Soon after I would finish, I would start worrying and the symptoms would worsen again. In the past, I noticed when smoking marijuana, sometimes I would become a little twitchy. But never anything like it is now, and never when I’m sober again. Thanks.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

Your symptoms are many, but most of them revolve around your mental stress and anxiety. Physical problems are just the manifestation of your underlying stress and anxiety. Try to keep yourself relaxed and anxiety free. Yoga and mediation are also known to be helpful in stress management. If required, consult a psychiatrist and get anti-anxiety medications prescribed.

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