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Trevor asked 7 years ago

I get neck stiffness in my right side, slight tingles in my lower right face, and pain in my right arm after eating any foods. I have no diagnosed allergies but i have had trouble with gluten and dairy in the past, however i currently am on a strict juice diet, vegetables in a juicer along with some fruits. The symptoms have lessened with this diet, but not gone. Today i attmpted to eat a very low fat, healthy meal. Wild caught shrimp with organic tomato, carrots, garlic. The pain came back just as strong as it was.
I am only 150 lbs, 6 ft tall, i exercise daily doing 1-2 miles of cardio. What is wrong with me?

1 Answers
freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

You should definitely take an allergy test which is known as ALLERGY COMPREHENSIVE PROFILE. This would find the exact allergen which is causing the symptoms, which you could avoid further. After you get the reports, you may consult an allergist/immunologist online at free doctor helpline.

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