Heather asked 7 years ago

I am 28, have constant diarrhea, loss of blood through stools, dull stomach cramps (tend to get worse with bowl movement, almost like a severe period cramping), bloating, and constant need to defecate. I have been seen in my local emergency room 3 times now. The first one said there was intestinal inflammation, the second said he believed it was a kidney stone but admitted he couldn\’t visibly find one from my CT scan, and the third found blood in my stool, told me I was anemic (most likely from the blood loss), and referred me to get a colonoscopy (but I could not afford to go see one). They have prescribed me pain killers and levsin. The levsin makes the diarrhea and cramping worse. And I\’ve been told not to take ibuprofen because of the bleeding or NSAIDS. However, I am in constant pain. Should I consult with another emergency room?

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Diarrhea, loss of blood through stools, dull stomach cramps- all these symptoms confirms the infection in intestine. This should be properly investigated by means of colonoscopy and stool culture test. Based upon the diagnosis, suitable antibiotics should be prescribed by your doctor. The condition can worsen if left untreated. Please consult a good gastroenterologist for further investigations and treatment.

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