arundhati asked 4 years ago

My Husband Have A Skin Problem He Is So Dark In Colour So I Want To Treat Him Nicely To Became In Fair..

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 3 years ago

Lemon is understood to be a superior bleach and cleanup concerning 0.5 a lemon on your face often can facilitate lighten your skin tone. this is often one in every of the only however effective home remedies for honest skin.
The juice of 1 potato may be squeezed and applied to your face; have it off often and you’ll notice a gradual amendment.
Apply the pulp of a mashed tomato on your skin; not solely can it lighten your skin tone however it’ll provides it a pink glow too.
Mix equal quantities of honey and juice and apply it on your skin.
Another nice natural thanks to get honest skin is to combine a small quantity of cinnamon with concerning 0.5 a teaspoon of honey and apply it on your face.
If you’ve got oily skin and wish to lighten its tone, then applying a mix of cucumber and juice thereon works wonders.
Curd is wealthy in drinkable and Zn acid, each of that have natural skin lightening properties.
If you would like to lighten scars on your skin then applying contemporary coconut milk on them very works.
A tiny quantity of saffron mixed with vegetable oil could be a nice natural remedy to create your skin honest.
This effective fairness mask needs you to combine a containerful every of expressed almond oil, juice and milk. Apply the mask on your skin and let it sit for concerning quarter-hour before you wash it off.
If you’ve got dry skin and wish to lighten its tone, applying a mix of honey and cucumber juice thereon can create it fairer.
Another good way to urge honest skin naturally is to use the white of AN incite your face a minimum of double per week.
This skin lightening pack needs you to create a mix of tomato, curd and oatmeal and apply it on your face.
Take a ripe tomato, mash it and add a couple of drops of juice thereto. Apply it and watch your skin tone lighten step by step.
Another good way to create oily skin honest is to use a mix of milk, papaya, honey and milk to your face.

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