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Hi Sir, I would like to hear from you regarding my health condition. I am having an acute/mild shoulder blade pain when leaning forward and deep breath. The pain is in left side of my back. I do not feel any pain in daily activities but when I deep breath and lean forward it hurts slightly. I also has a dry cough but not very much. I visited my nearest doctor for the same and he suggested to do some some tests. The tests and their readings are: Plasma Glucose (F): 85 mg/dl HB: 14.2 gm/dl TC: Erythrocytes 5.12 millions/cu. Mm, leukocytes 7000/cu. Mm DC: neutrophil 53%, Lymphocytes 33%, monocyte 4%, eosinophil 10%, basophil 0% T4: 8.70 mcg/dl TSH: 7.74 mcU/ml Uric Acid: 5.0 mg/dl Creatinine: 0.97 mg/dl ASO Titre: 154.4 IU/ml ESR: 1st Hr 12 mm Chest X-Ray: No parenchymal lung lesion seen, Trachea is central in position, Hilar shadows are normal, Domes of the diaphragm are normal, costophrenic angles are sharply outlines, cardiac size and shape are normal, bony cage and soft tissue shadows are normal I am very anxious about the problem and want a complete recover. The doctor I visited has said that I have no problem and he prescribed some medicines are: montana-L for 10 days Mucolite syrup thrice daily Thyrox 12.5 half tablet daily Riconia tablet daily. The doctor said I have slightly thyroid for which he prescribed Thyrox 12.5 but I did not understand for what the back shoulder pain is coming. I can do my daily activities very easily without any pain in my back but I am getting little stress about the pain. I want to know why this pain is happening. However I am very healthy and my BMI is 20.5 I would therefore request you to sort out the problem 

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

Xray and blood test reports are absolutely normal. So there remains no chance for pulmonary tuberculosis. Thyroid is a separate issue for which your doctor has correctly prescribed you the medication. Dry cough most likely is due to allergy for which your doctor has prescribed MONTANA L. If still you do not get relief, get a blood test for Ig E and Allergy panel test which would help to identify the allergen causing the issue.

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