Nile asked 7 years ago

Hello,I have been experiencing shortness of breath at Night only since February of 2017.  I was having dizzyness symptoms also but began taking Epsom salt baths and now I only have the shortness of breath symptoms.  Do you think you might know what could possibly be causing this?  It only happens at night and sometimes during the day where I will experience shortness of breath.  I have been working on losing weight this year and have lost a total of 67 pounds.  Since February I have lost 20 pounds.  Do you think my weight loss could have something to do with triggering this shortness of breath?  I exercise everyday at a HIGH intensity in which I sweat a whole lot and I am very consistent.  During my exercising I have no problem with breathing but it is at night after 7pm when the sun goes down that these episodes start up.  As I said again the epsom salt baths have stopped the dizzyness but the shortness of breath in the evening has not stopped yet.  What do you think?

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

The problem you are experiencing is not due to heart or lungs problem. This is just due to stress and psychological pressure. Rest assured and improve your lifestyle. Regular exercise, yoga and pranayama are also helpful. Try to follow some anti stress program.

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