Gary asked 7 years ago

Hello My son 4years old had 3 weeks ago scarlet fever.He was sick on Fr night with fever 39.7, throat pain and viomiot once.We treated with home remedies(garlic echicea tea,honey)Next day he didn\\\’t show any symptoms of sickness beside rash,first white cover tonge, then red one.Normal energy level,normal apetise.No troat pain.We took him to doc on Mon.Swap confirmed Strep A.Since he look totally healthy we decided not to give him antibiotics.3 weeks later still ok but bacteria in troat confirmed. Kidney test ok.Should he got antibiotics now to get rid of bacteria?Will treating him with antibiotic now help any complication or he already dealed with sickness?He has a bit sore and itchy boom so not sure if bacteria spread?Thank you very much for your reply

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Scarlet fever basically cause tonsillitis. In your case, it was a mild infection which just got cured on its own within a day. As the child is already fine since last few days, and don’t show any further symptoms, antibiotics are not required in the case. However, your personal doctor would be in a better position to suggest this after proper examination.

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