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Amanda VanEtten asked 6 years ago

I\’m September i got tonsillitis, i received antibiotics and got better. About 2 months later the lymph nodes on my neck were still swollen but pliable. I saw a dr in Nov and they gave me another round of antibiotics . Still no change, saw the Dr 2 weeks ago, prescribed another antibiotic cleocin. The lymph nodes are rock solid and are starting to hurt all the time. I went to the er last night because of shooting pain from the lymph nodes down my neck. The doctor sent me home saying there was nothing he can do. What do i do next?

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

Enlargement of lymph nodes signifies infection somewhere in your body which should be properly investigated and identified. Please consult an Immunologist for further investigation and treatment.

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