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raghu kallepalli asked 7 years ago

Hi, i had done LASIK, now I have completed 9 months after my LASIK, after my LASIK my left was cristal clear vision right after lasik but my right was blurring right after surgery my right eye only giving more water from my right eye compared to the left eye.After 9 months also my right eye is blurring which effecting my vision I am struggling to see my laptop and mobiles because of  my right is bluring , whenI close my left eye and open my right eye near and far objects I am not able to see , but my left was cristal vision for near and far.i have far sight on both eye before LASIK.
I have consulted my doctor on scheduled visits, he said still sight in right eye and wanted me to use Refresh Tears 3 times a day for both eyes, I am attaching here latest eye refraction details.
kindly suggest me, how to get my right eye best vison.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

LASIK for farsightedness involves reshaping of the peripheral cornea and usually takes longer to heal.  Healing may require as much as 1 year, so do not be too concerned.  Ask your doctor to follow you closely to evaluate adequacy of your vision for driving and dryness. This may help you while you are healing both the physicial side effects such as fluctuating vision due to dryness and the worry of not having crisp vision. Although LASIK is rapid, it is a real surgery and does require healing which may vary among individuals.

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