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Alupati Suman Kumar Patra asked 7 years ago

Hi, My mother is 55yrs now and she is having below health issues.

  • Orthopedic problem from long time (from last 10 years) – She is having lowerback, knee pain and upper back pain. I have been trying treatments like Allopathy/AyurVedic/PhysioTherapy etc.. But till now no improvement. Doctor tried suggesting calcium medicines and physio therapy. With doctor\’s suggestion – multiple times she went for steroid injections for back and knee pain. Nothing is working out. So final suggestion will be operation.
  • Diabetes – From last 2 years she developed diabetes. Due to her back and knee pain she is unable to go for jogging/walking. Thats why her sugar level doesn\’t come down. She just maintains diet and takes medicine. (Sugar level – Fasting(128), After food(210))
  • Frequent Motion – Daily she goes for motion more than 3 to 4 times. Have gone for tests like Abdomen ct scan and some other tests as suggested by doctor. But we found no issues.
  • She doesnt get sleep during night . That makes her very weak during day time.
  • Recently she got toothache which was intolerable. We went to dentist doctor. But doctor suggested there is no teeth related issue . To get relief from pain, doctor applied a pain relief injection and suggested to consult with ENT doctor as it could be sinus related issue. We have not yet gone for ENT consultation.
  • If she does little work , she gets tired. Also most of the times she feels weak as if she doesnt have energy . As of now from last few years she is taking medicines for calcium, diabetes and pain relief (as suggested by doctor).
  • I am really worried for my mother as she has to take so many medicines everyday and still no improvement. She is deteriorating day by day. We are staying in Chennai.

Can anyone please suggest what should be the best approach to proceed for my mother\’s treatment on resolving the above issues. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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