Elie2017 asked 7 years ago

Red bumps on my nose containing white points….never gone from 6 years of treatment ( 8 mnths roaccutane…and differnet many topical treatmemts)…is ellman or laser a solution? Man 25

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Please get yourself evaluated by a skin specialist. Usually, following lines of treatment are followed in cases like that of yours:

  1. Topical treatment with appropriate creams containing certain active ingredients e.g. salicylic acid, tretinoin, benzoyl peroxide etc.
  2. Surgical removal for large bumps on face: May be used for milia or molluscum contagiosum
  3. Cryotherapy: Freezing of the bumps with liquid nitrogen.
  4. Laser treatment: Laser beams are used to remove the offending bumps.
  5. Curettage – The bumps are scraped off using a sharp a sharp instrument.
  6. Prescription of oral medicationsg. cimetidine for molluscum contagiosum and antibacterial ointments for infected white bumps on the face.
  7. Dermabrasion: This entails removing the top layer of skin using a special ablative tool
  8. Chemical peels: As the name suggests, a chemical is applied on the skin to burn off the affected areas of skin.

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