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Don asked 7 years ago

hi i\’m married for 10 months..I\’ve been suffering this recurrent uti\’s maybe even before February.. but it\’s then when I couldn\’t handle anymore pain.. some doctors says nothing is wrong, others wait for lab results for diagnosis to give a proper treatment (which sometimes nothing and sometimes mild inflammation 4 – 6 pus cells and culture negative)and others they give their judgment on the basis of what they see on ultrasound, that is deposits affecting right kidney. ..I took antibiotics drank a lot of water but nothing seems to be working… I don\’t know what to do… it\’s damaging life in every way.. I\’m supposed to be fine and having no fertility problems according to my gyn .. these past ten days I had sensitive nipples then breasts then had a missed period.. with a few cramps that would rest when I lay down.. I was extremely happy believing these ar early pregnancy symptoms.. because I almost never have sensitive breasts or a bit of darkening of nipples before my period unfortunately I couldn\’t go to see a doctor at an early time and those symptoms started going away little by little… I started spotting late Wednesday night and after 12 hours maybe it got a bit heavy… when to a doctor after the start of spotting by 16 hours… couldn\’t see anything… and test came negative.. she said its a late period caused by improper treatment of uti… I was devastated at the time… my husband on the other hand had a uti caused by proteus organism in april… got cured… and now his other uti is caused by staph. could it be my uti\’s causing his? or vice versa… does his uti cause problems of fertility thus causing miscarriage? why is he keep having these organisms.. is it true my uti affects my period and thus fertility problems?.. I am waiting for your wise explanation.. hopefully helping me to at least have a good sleep. . please

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

First thing first, UTI and Fertility are two separate issues and should be investigated separately. They are not related to each other. Changes in nipples might be due to hormonal imbalance. UTI should be properly tested with Urine culture test after a gap of minimum of 1 month from the last use of antibiotics. Depending upon the sensitivity of the bacteria, appropriate antibiotic should be used in consultation with a urologist. If you suspect infertility, you may consult a gynaecologist for proper tests and treatment 

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