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Nora Staff asked 5 years ago

Heres my issues ive had Reaccurring kidney infections all my life ive had kidney stone removed on my left side at 3yrs old and open Pyeloplasty surgery on my right no major problems but kidney infections 1/2 a year then just three yrs ago came back in for treatment for me a normal routine infection… but antibiotics wernt worrking doctors gave me dye tests detirmined they were kinked went throught a bilateral ureteral stent surgerie the 4 months later through the same surgery Pyeloplasty on my right side 6 months later back for a kidney infection and a couple dye tests still wondering with infection gone why my back still hurts the outcome my docter told me my kidneys dont like fluid they are running ok for the damage my kidneys have had through the years of infections now here it is a year later been dealin\ pain in my back from my kidneys swelling i guess and sometimes where they hurt to where all i can do is lay in bed because of the pain and here a go again know i have a infection being ive know the symptoms but this time my front left side is hurt as well my doctor has never tested me for anything other than infection issues what do you think is going on with my kidneys tired of pain and discomfort on an almost everyday annoyance going to see my primary doctor today and hopefully get some releif from this problem even though i know its not going to give me relief forever.  

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