Sameer asked 7 years ago

Hello dr
I was driving my bike then suddenly stray dog started chasing my bike and started barking, it came close to my bike , May be it was about just 2 feet away from my bike and after few seconds of chasing the dog left , I don’t know whether it is rabid dog or not but I am concern so my question is whether it’s saliva while barking can leave traces on my leg and what if my feet was expose as I was wearing sandle , few hours earlier to this incidence I got little rupture on my foot bot no blood was coming out from my ruptured skin .plz I need ur answers for my question

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

As you have mentioned that you were not bitten by the dog. The dog was anyways inches away from your leg. It is highly unlikely that the saliva of the dog could get into your wound. Moreover, you didn’t has a bleeding or ruptured wound. Rabies infection occurs when the saliva of an infected dog comes into contact with the blood of the victim. You are the best judge of the probability of infection in your case. If you feel that there lie any chance of the dog’s saliva coming into the contact of your blood, its better to get vaccinated.

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