Barbara asked 7 years ago

Is the prudental nerve where you have a episiotomy done? If that nerve was damaged when I had the marcaine injections done, what do they do to fix or repair it? They also did a biospy in the same area and it came back with features of lichen schelorsus but I have none of the symptoms related to that.Does it involve major surgery, or are there other options. remember I am 79 years old. I saw the neuroligist yesterday and he was of no help. He said take pain pills for the rest of my life. I tried the tramadol and that did not help. I have been taking 2 300 mg of Gabapentin 3 times a day he said to start taking it 4 times a day so how many hours apart do I take it. I have been of Gabepentin for over 3 years my GP gave it to me for my spinal stenosis, but it has not helped at all for my back pain but I still take it. It is a stabbing pain all the time in the perinium area. I called a few hospitals and they never heard of the pelvic floor nerve conduction study

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