James smith asked 6 years ago

One morning i realized that i have a bump on my penis. It doesn\\\’t hurt or anything like a pimple and it is more like under-skin but it is hard and there are two of them. i was masturbating a day before and that day i felt pain in the skin on that area but i didn\\\’t pay attention much and next day i had a bump at that place, it\\\’s small like a pimple but hard. I don\\\’t feel any difference in health of with the penis. They just appeared and never happened this before ever. I had eaten viagra for first time but it was like 15-20 days ago, i don\\\’t know if there is any connection or not.

1 Answers
freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

It might be genital wart caused by papilloma virus, or molluscum contagiosum. It might be hair root infection too. Get it examined by a doctor to diagnose it effectively and treat correctly.

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