Annmarie asked 6 years ago

I think I might be pregnant and I need an opinion. I am currently taking the microlite contraceptive pill. I had intercourse on the last day of my pill free week without protection. Then 10 days before my next period I had cramping and light bleeding this continued until my period was due. The blood ranged from red to brown in colour. My period was due yesterday and the bleeding has continued very very lightly. I took a pregnancy test today and the positive line was extremely faint that I could hardly see it. I am wondering does this mean I am pregnant even though I am still bleeding lightly and have been for about 11 days now

Dr.Nushrat Jahan Staff replied 6 years ago

As you already had continuous bleeding for several day, there is hardly any chance of pregnancy. Cramps are quite common when you take a contraceptive pill. Current bleeding might be due to hormonal imbalance, again quiet common when you take contraceptives. Feeble red line just be an error. Repeat the test or get a blood HCG test done to get sure about your pregnancy status.

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