Sowjanya asked 6 years ago

I am 7 week pregnant . I saw Baby heart beat starting at 6 week 1 day . But at 7 weeks on 30th Dec early morning I went to toilet and saw toilet is full of blood and clot . I was tensed , but that bleeding was 1st and last n I did not have any bleeding after that . I dint have any cramps or pains. It’s been 4 days now noi bleeding at all except that night just once bleeding . Please suggest me what happened actually and what could be happened 

1 Answers
freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

Minor bleeding is common during first trimester. If the bleeding is heavy, you should consult the doctor immediately to find the exact cause and get ultrasound to find the status of baby. If required, the doctor may prescribe you hormone pills to stop bleeding.

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