Anamika Rana asked 4 years ago

Sir, my self Dn Pandey and my wife’s name is Preeti wife is having 15 week pregnancy and this is second pregnancy.she used pills to destroy the pregnancy but pills was no effective and we found the positive response in sonography test .sir we want to terminate this pls assist us .

1 Answers
freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 3 years ago

Abortion in India is legal only up to twenty weeks of pregnancy under specific conditions and situations, which are broadly defined as: the continuance of the pregnancy would involve a risk to the life of the pregnant woman or of grave injury of physical or mental health. At this stage of 15 week pregnancy, abortion through medicines could leave certain portions of the foetus inside the lady which might cause future complications and infections. So, better consult a nearby gynaecologist and go for surgical abortion.

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