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Anshita asked 7 years ago

32 years,went lapro cystectomy for endometrioma in 2013 and lap adhesiolysis in 2014. Concieved through ivf in 2015 and miscarried at 3 weeks and then again naturally pregnant and miscarried at 12 weeks. Scanned reports show bulky uterus 8.9*5.3*6.3 cm with posterior uterine wall myoma 38*34 MM. Cyst of 4.5*2.8cm is seen in left ovary. So due to two lapro doc has advised to go for open abdominal myomectomy. Can I concieve without surgery preventing miscarriage? Or do I require to go for surgery? Please opine.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Uterine wall myoma is a definite hurdle in your successful pregnancy. In our opinion you should go for the surgery as suggested by your doctor. Moreover, yours is a high risk pregnancy and you are resorting for IVF for conception. So you can’t bear the risk of repeating the process time and again because of the financial and physical burden this carries. So, its better you go for the surgery as recommended by the doctor.

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