Medical Question & AnswersCategory: PregnancyIs it possible of pregnancy after taking 72 within 36 hr.
Anshuman asked 7 years ago

We had sex 18 june i dont even ejaculate but once i try to penetrate and pull out,on 20 june i gave her 72 pill,and she got her period on 1st it her withdrawal bleeding or period she has a horrible 60 days cycle so its quite difficult to test pregnancy in between that.her last cycle was in April 30 ,previous was in feb 27,now this time june 30.Any chance of pregnancy ?

1 Answers
freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

She can’t be pregnant. The reason being- first, you didn’t ejaculated inside; two- you gave her the emergency contraceptive pill; thirds- she had bleeding on 1st of july. Remain assured that she is nor pregnant.

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