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Sarah asked 7 years ago

I\\\’m 33 yrs old and about 4 yrs ago I started having some pain right at the bottom right rib. It continued to stay tender when touched. A little while later I would suddenly get all jittery,heart racing n pounding real hard. It would last dor a few minutes and stop. I also started feeling as though I had the flu(that general all over just sick feeling). I have had my gallbladder checked, they say its fine. About a year ago I started noticing I would have a low grade fever when I felt like I was sick. Once my platelet and potassium level was elevated(don\\\’t now why ). I have always had problems with migraines,but about 2 yrs ago I began getting bad migraines just on one side behind right eye, they had a different feeling than my normal migraines. I would get all sweaty and start freezing. In the past year its gotten to the point that im sick 20 or so days out of the month. Also about a year ago I would suddenly start burping sulpher odor burps and the middle of my stomach would ache (above belly button). Then it got to were some days my stomach would ache like that and I would vomit and it smelled like pure sulpher. I only feel the urge to have a bowel movement about every weak or week and a half. It\\\’s impacted bad and when i do use it I have to use it for about 3 days straight. Today ive started having pain shoot through my head. And my feet feels heavy,cold like when I get sick. All of these things just come and I never know when im going to feel like this. But it\\\’s horrible aI am begging for a solution. I have 3 kids and I literally cant function. About a weak ago my dr said my potassium and white blood cell count was down. please any advice. Im desperate

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

A number of different and unrelated problems are being mentioned by you. These have to be investigated and treated separately. Irregular heart rate will be evaluated through ECG, Holter and Echocardiography. For the gastric issue, you may try over the counter antacids. Migraine too could be tackled by the use of painkillers and other home remedies.
In our opinion, you should undertake a whole body master health check up in order to collectively investigate all the issues and find a co-ordinated solution.

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