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Cherry asked 7 years ago

I had unprotected sex. It was my first time and it happened on the 21st of October. I got my period on the 30th of October and it finished on the 2nd of November. He did not ejaculate inside of me (actually, he did not ejaculate AT ALL throughout the intercourse) and I’m on birth control pill. I experienced NO pregnancy symptoms. However, I’m still so scared of being pregnant and I’m scared of buying a pregnancy test. I regret having sex so much, I did not want to do it but he pressured me into it. Please help me!! I’ve been so stressed over this for so long and I spend all my days frantically searching google about symptoms of pregnancy. It got over to the point where I would spend every minute checking for any difference in my stomach and breasts. I’M SO PARANOID AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO STOP THIS!!
Do you think I have a low or high chance of getting pregnant? PLEASE HELP.

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