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M Zia asked 3 years ago

37 yr old male. have pain right side of throat when swallow saliva or drink water only somewhere between lower part of the throat and Adam\’s Apple for 4 weeks. went to ENT she said (after visual exam+ CBC + ERS + Ultrasound + Thyroid Test) there is nothing may be some infection & gave me 7 days course (Bactiflox 500, Prednisolone 5mg and Mucosolvan Syrup). It\’s finished but  haven\’t felt any improvement the pain is at it was the same. I don\’t have any other symptoms except pain when swallow and something lump like feeling. I am also drinking warm water and avoiding any thing cold. There was stuck like feeling without pain for 2 years on the right side for which an ENT did CT scan but found nothing. But, now it\’s came back with pain for 4 weeks.

1 Answers
freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 3 years ago

Most likely, this is enlarged tonsillitis which is causing the pain while swallowing. Consult an ENT doctor or General physician and get antibiotics prescribed. Also, gargling with warm water will surely help

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