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M Zia asked 6 years ago

37 yr old male. have pain right side of throat when swallow saliva or drink water only somewhere between lower part of the throat and Adam\’s Apple for 4 weeks. went to ENT she said (after visual exam+ CBC + ERS + Ultrasound + Thyroid Test) there is nothing may be some infection & gave me 7 days course (Bactiflox 500, Prednisolone 5mg and Mucosolvan Syrup). It\’s finished but  haven\’t felt any improvement the pain is at it was the same. I don\’t have any other symptoms except pain when swallow and something lump like feeling. I am also drinking warm water and avoiding any thing cold. There was stuck like feeling without pain for 2 years on the right side for which an ENT did CT scan but found nothing. But, now it\’s came back with pain for 4 weeks.

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