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Pain in penis forehead due to rough masturbation Age: 28 years Never Married, Sexually inactive, Virgin I was addicted to porn since last 2-3 years. I used to masturbate roughly without any lubricant. The penis forehead is now paining. It is paining in the forehead area. Also it is loosing color and has become colorless near the tip area. Rest of the forehead is red in color. It pains more when erect. When it is erect then touching the forehead has sharp pain. I consulted a doctor before. He told that it will heal automatically and advised to exercise regularly. Since one year i am eating good food and exercising daily and yoga too. I have left oily, spicy and junk food. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I only masturbate once a month. I have left porn entirely. Around one year has passed but no effect is there. Pain has reduced but only a little bit. The area near the tip is still colorless and looks like varicose vein in color. There is no problem in erection. Erection is normal. It cannot be STD as i am virgin. It is also not phimiosis i had it checked with doctor. Please suggest me how to treat this. I am getting depression due to this and feeling worthless. Is there any ointment/cream which can solve the pain. Pictures(NSFW 18+):

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

As you are still virgin, there don’t exist any chances for a STD. The pinching pain what you feel, specially when the penis is erect, is nothing but due to the over sensitivity on glans penis. The glans penis has a bunch of nerve ending which makes it over-sensitive. This sensitivity is gradually lessened as you develop the habit of sex and intercourse. This oversensitivity is giving rise to the pain you feel. The things will gradually improve with time. If you wish to get sure that this is due to oversensitivity, use PROMESCENT Spray before mastrubation/erection. If it is due to oversensitivity, you won’t feel the pain this time.
Relax! Nothing serious.
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