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Guest asked 7 years ago

Hi all, 
My age is 25.
Two days back i start feeling pain in my right testicle spermatic cord. There is sudden pain in cord when I sit and shake my legs or when I walk on road. My doctor said it may be torsion issue so  I  do ultrasound testing. But ultrasound test shows everything normal. Also I checked my right testicle hanging lower than left. I took dolo 650 tablet which my doctor suggest. Is it serious issue?

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Right testis hanging lower than the left is normal and is not an issue. Your doctor has correctly prescribed Tablet Dolo for pain. If the problem continues for more days, you should get a semen culture test done to diagnose any infection in the testis, and get antibiotics prescribed accordingly. Either ways, its not a very serious concern and can be cured easily.

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