Anuj asked 7 years ago

I am 36 years male, I am feeling pain and burning in penis after urination from last 3 days, also feel pain in left lower side of stomach to back side of belly in the morning, I have done urine test today, red blood cells are 40 to 50 in test report, please have a look on this and suggest me for further treatment, 3 years ago i had a stone in my kidney, i don\’t know weather it is still there or not, and also don\’t know that this pain is due to kidney stone or any infection, please help me and suggest me better treatment

1 Answers
freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

The RBC in the urine indicates that there is definitely some injury or infection in the kidneys. Please get an ultrasound and urine culture test done to effectively diagnose the problem. This might be because of the stone in kidney. Accordingly, surgery or medication could be planned. After you get the reports, you could consult the best nephrologist online at free doctor helpline.

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