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Waqas Hassan asked 6 years ago

Um Hi. I hope you are doing fine.I\’m a 20 year old Male and i have been experiencing something that seems like a heart pain and its been almost a month now. Mostly the pain starts after doing any physical activity and after some rest bloating starts and it gets better after some time but a little bit of pain still remains for several hours. I went to the hospital they said that the ECG is alright your heart rate is a bit high but besides that everything is fine.They told me that its a possibility that i have a gastric problem.So that is the reason i came here i am still worried sick.Please i want your Professional Opinion. I would be really thankful if you guys replied to me and help me with the problem i am facing because its getting worse.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

At this age, with normal ecg, we do not suspect any serious heart ailment. It is the gastric problem which is giving rise to your symptoms. Take any over the counter antacids like PANTOPRAZOLE 40 once daily before breakfast. This would surely help you out. Avoid remaining empty stomach or taking acidic food.

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