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Ketan Dutta asked 6 years ago

Hi Doctors ,
Need your advice on urgent basis as my father in law is having blockage and below are the report as per ANGIOGRAPHY :-
LAD – Long Segment Tubular Proximal Lesion 70-80% , PLAQUING in mid part.
D1 – Ostioproximal D1 80%
LCX – Non Dominant , proximal 80-90% long segment lesion , Mid 80% disease , diffuse disease distally
OM 1 – Proximally 100% occluded
RCA – occluded 100% from Ostium , Filling Restrogradely from left injection with Rentop Grade 2 Filling.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

Due to several blockages, the doctor might suggest stent implant or bypass surgery. The procedure should be done on immediate basis to avoid further damage to heart.

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