Muktar Ahmed asked 7 years ago

I was born with what I believe isn’t currently an overly serious heart condition. I can describe it, but curious as to what it’s actually called. I have been told by doctors when a child that the heart rate could be described as a race track if you like – i.e. every time a lap is complete, the heart beats once. I was born with a ‘shortcut’ which results in my heart rate much faster when it falls into that ‘shortcut’. Is there a name for this condition? It’s rare for this to happen for me now and I do have strategies to get out of the ‘shortcut’ and return to the normal ‘race track’. I’ve had 24hr heart monitors etc. before. Obviously it’s unpleasant when it occurs (dizziness etc.) but has little impact on my life because of how rarely it occurs. Just curious as to what it’s called.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

The symptoms described by you are too much vague to conclude and point towards a specific health condition. Please share your reports so that our cardiology panel could guide you better.

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