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samrat asked 6 years ago

nail clipper hiv risk

Hello Dr im scared to death of my hiv risk 3months ago. i used a nail clipper of someone else idnt knw. It has not cut me deep in my finger & no blood come out bt i feel like pain in finger while iwas using it. The clipper looks old with little drops of rusted blood on it &barely burried in the soil before i ised it, laiter icame to learn the owner has travelled & did nt used it almost a week & was hiv positive taking  ARVS. little i know hiv cannot survive on nail clipper surfaces for that long & dried blood is noninfectious please assess my risk im worried sick. 8 weeks after exposure i took rapid hiv antibody test call alere determine & it came bck negative. CBC lymphotyces keeps fluctuating 16.1%- 18.1% & last time 15.1% My dr assuares No way icn acquire hiv from that exposure & hiv dont live outside its living host.
do ineed another test

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

HIV cant survive out of living organism for so long. So, there is no chance of infection in your case.

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